Scent profiles

Forest Bath: To take in the forest through our senses
/ˈfôrəst baTH/

Ground yourself by consciously connecting with the wildness of the natural world. Notes of rosemary and hinoki (Japanese cypress) combine with bamboo plant active to evoke the atmosphere of the forest.

Clarity /ˈkler.ə.t̬i/  The quality of transparency or purity

Ascend to a state of absolute clarity. Notes of fresh eucalyptus, ylang ylang and bamboo plant active open the doorway to achieving clarity of thought and vision.

Balance /ˈbaləns/ The state where things exist in equal amounts or are of equal importance

Welcome an infinite sense of equilibrium into your life with our serene blend of florals encompassing sandalwood, lavender, and bamboo plant active. Then embrace the limitless tranquility that will arise.

Unwind /ˌənˈwīnd/  To become relieved of tension

Composed of lavender, helichrysum and bamboo plant active, this spray confers an aura of serenity upon any room or space it is used. Use it as a cue to give yourself the gift of ease and rest.

Uplift /ˈəpˌlift/ To raise something to a higher position

Allow yourself to feel a sense of inspiration and expansiveness as lemongrass, bamboo plant active and peppermint mingle together in an ethereal blend.

Love /ləv/ Expressing deep affection

This enchanting composition of sweet neroli, bamboo plant active and rose invites you to linger and savor every moment, to indulge in all of your senses.