MO MI  [mō-mee] is a hair care and lifestyle brand made for wellbeing rituals.

Our Mission:

Less Is More: We thoughtfully select plant based ingredients and package them in sourcing sustainable materials to create products that are better for both you and the environment.

A More Sustainable Future Forward: We are always seeking ways to ease our daily routines while maintaining a lighter footprint on our planet.

We know how good it feels when our hair looks and feels great. You can also feel good knowing that you are making a positive impact with your support. 

 Diane, Founder 
MO MI came to life out of a desire to have personal care products that are for everyone, kind to animals and help us all live more gracefully on our planet. I was raised to first to look at wellbeing from within, however, after a few years of living in London, Hong Kong and a lot of traveling to numerous amazing countries along the way, I returned to NYC feeling exhausted and disconnected from the career path I had started on. Multiple time zones, stress and change disrupted my sleeping patterns that lead to feeling exhausted much of the time. This was my wake up call to explore my personal wellness from a different perspective. Easy daily rituals with intention helped me to sleep better and regain a new sense of wellbeing.    Photo @theportraitsessions Hair & Makeup @beautyreawakened


Damon, Hair Care Connoisseur  

As a professional hair colorist and stylist, Damon approaches hair care intuitively. He recognizes the need to tailor his approach to the unique needs of each client. Damon’s career in hair care began with his desire to help people feel they can be the best version of themselves. He brings his much valued experience and extensive knowledge of hair care, color, styling, product efficacy, and obsession for detail to MO MI.