Our story

MO MI Beauty is composed of a collection of hair & beauty products made for all living creatures.

Our goal is to continue to challenge ourselves to evolve and improve in everything we do. We strive to always find better ways to source, package and produce everything we make so that each product will have a more positive effect on you as well as the planet.


Diane,  Founder

Diane believes that beauty rituals are more than simply what you use on your body, they are the way you feel about yourself while living gracefully on and for the earth. Raised surrounded by holistic wellness, she was encouraged to find beauty in spiritual well being; but after living and working around the globe - from London to Hong Kong and everywhere in between - she returned home to find herself depleted. Remembering her roots, Diane embarked on a new path fusing wellness into her business life, and together with her sister Christina founded an emotive color line. The purpose: to help support both herself and others to nourish the personal goal of living in gratitude. The collection grew and has now pivoted to easy everyday hair care solutions, infused with both purposeful adaptogenic ingredients that are ethical and ecologically mindful to contribute to a cleaner and kinder earth. 

Damon,  Hair professional

Damon has always approached haircare intuitively, tailoring his styling to each of his client’s unique needs. Known for his highly-honed craft, Damon has spent his career building relationships at his own salon traveling between Montreal, Canada and Nice, France. His passion for beauty is found in all he seeks: from art to architecture, fashion to food, theatre to culture. Damon brings his extensive knowledge of hair care, color, styling, product knowledge, and obsession for detail to Mo Mi - in his view, another dimension to fuel and share his love for life.