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Incredible hyrdrating Conditioner that sets your hair up for success right from the start!


Okay, so this little comb is awesome! As someone with wavy/curly hair, its wide-spaced fingers works wonders, maintaining my curls and lifting my roots. In fact, just using it as a massager gets me extra volume, which I adore. Speaking of which, the massage feels great, never snagging and feeling light in my hands. Best of all: it’s compact, fitting neatly in my watch pocket. I love my Gua Sha, and never leave home without it!


After I put the conditioner on my hair, I combed through my fingers, my bottom hair was not stuck as usual. After washed I didn’t blow dry. From the Before & After pictures you can see my hair looks shining, smooth with less frizz.


After the first bath, we knew we had a winner on our hands. We loved the smell, the lather was top-notch, and it kept our dog silky smooth for longer than any other shampoo.


My thick and coarse hair loves this Co-Wash. My hair feels cleansed and moisturized, easier to detangle without feeling heavy or weighed down. I use your Conditioner on the ends and the Styling Jelly to keep my waves looking and feeling smooth.


Flower Essences & Beauty

"Flower elixirs are liquid infusions of fresh flowers.They consist of water that contains the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers".


Infusing flower essences into makeup offers a modern, mindful approach to beauty by harmonizing the natural benefits of flowers with daily rituals. A synergy that nurtures a holistic sense of well-being and balanced beauty from within.

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