LUNAR: Home Mist for your Personal Space


Our signature scent (and customer favorite) is composed of Orange and Hinoki. This citrus and woodsy blend is both energetic and grounding.  

We believe in the importance of space and how it's connected to wellbeing. Improving one's space happens on more than one level. We believe it is about creating a space, so we teamed up with Feng Shui expert, Anjie Cho to bring together the power of scent with Feng Shui to attract abundance to your space.

Orange - Is yang energy, like the sun at high noon. it's very life affirming, uplifting, can immediately uplift the space and your energy. In feng shui it's likened to the shape and color of gold coins, which brings in a feeling and energy of wealth, abundance and prosperity.  Abundance is not just about financial wealth, it's about feeling you are enough, and have so much that you can be generous and have everything you ever want or need.

Hinoki - From the energy of the tree, wood and earth element. Wood is growth, healing while earth is grounded and supported. Hinoki can support our ability to grow with deep roots within our self-worth to attract abundance.

For more information on how to Feng Shui your space, learn more about Anjie Cho. Find out more about Feng Shui, visit Holistic Spaces or become Feng Shui Certified, visit Mindful Design School.

Directions: Botanical mists for hair and personal space. For external use only. Keep in a cool, dry space, out of direct or direct light.

50 ml 

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