Hair Care

by Modern Minerals

Our collection of hair products to follow our emotive beauty philosophy. We believe feeling good is at the core of beauty, and our beauty routine is an extension of our self care routine. If we’re putting effort into external beauty, let’s remember at its core it is connected to how one feels and that radiates outward. Like some of our makeup products, this new collection is also infused with Lotus Wei’s flower and gemstone alchemy for hair, as well as face and body in our Hydrating Mist.

We believe hair rituals should be aligned to beauty care rituals. Our hair deserves just as much care as our face & body. We selected organic ingredients to blend with the alchemic infusion to magnify the emotive experience.  We are working towards shifting to glass packaging and reduce plastic where possible.

Join us in indulging in a beauty ritual that reminds us that beauty is also about mind, body & mood.

Inner alchemy for outer beauty

Dry Shampoo

Effortlessly absorbs oil and adds volume.

I am uplifted, refreshed & renewed

Hydrating Spray

Featherlight dew and hydration for hair, face and body.

I am replenished with softness & dew

Styling Jelly

Maintain movement, flexible flow and reduce frizz.

I am strong, flexible & go with the flow

Texture Spray

Create the perfectly imperfect top knot or get bouncy beach waves.

I am effortless with life's twists & turns