Kindred Spirit: Nic, Clean Beauty Advocate

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Photography Credits: Anne Sophie Maestracci

Meet Nic!  Nic and I have been emailing about our capricorn similarities, puppies, travel, relocating to different international cities, our love for lip gloss and our green beauty favorites.  I wanted to share more about what inspires her the exciting changes in life, getting married to the love of her life, moving to Singapore and a new baby!


My name is Nic and I’m a Swedish-Japanese Capricorn currently living in Singapore with my husband, baby boy Leon and fur baby princess Saskia. I love anything related to clean beauty and I’m somewhat obsessed with masking, MM lip glosses and their highlighter! I have a very varied professional background having worked in the hospitality, education and procurement industries, and now most recently for Art of Organics.  I work with Claire on numerous projects for her subscription box company and it’s been an amazing ride so far – the best part? Working with Claire and that I get to do so in an industry that I feel passionate about. Total win-win!


2017 was a year of monumental changes – from marrying my partner of 10 years, to moving to Singapore from Sweden to becoming pregnant a week after said move. I also took on a buyer’s job in the corporate sector before making the tough decision to step down (more on that below) so it was a whirlwind 365 days and a reminder that life is often messy. I’m now 5+ months into a new role, I like to call it Head of Social Development aka mama! Without a doubt, this is the single most challenging role to date and I’m still figuring things out (although I hear that never changes so all mothers should have “ability to quickly adapt to change” HIGH up on their CVs!).

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Photography Credits: Anne Sophie Maestracci

Q & A

Q: What was the biggest leap of faith you’ve taken?
I feel I have taken many fairly big ones in my life so far…but the most recent would have to be my decision to give up my full-time corporate job to focus on taking care of Leon. Financial freedom and independence have always been prioritised in my life decisions so choosing to give up a well-paying job was a difficult choice to make. You do feel torn as you want to be able to provide your child with the best and much of that can be tied up in one’s economy whether we like to admit that or not. At the end of the day though it just didn’t sit right with me to work only to pay someone else to look after my child, at least not for now. I still consider myself very lucky though as I get to work with Art of Organics where I decide when and where to do my hours, something that is worth so much in my current situation.

Q: What is your definition of happiness?
Being at peace with myself and the choices I have made. In my 20s it was often more material things…and I often thought “I’ll be happy when…(insert objective)” but I have found that happiness is rarely felt when you arrive at whatever goal you set, especially if it’s tied up in materialism. I often catch myself feeling happy in very nondescript situations – on a walk with my dog and seeing a beautiful plumeria tree in full bloom, a quiet afternoon where I get some time to read a book, stopping to reflect how far I have come in my life when remembering where I started…happiness is feeling peace and freedom, something we often take for granted in our society.

Q: What books or movie changed your life?
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. I picked this book up during a painful period in my life and so much of it made sense and spoke to me. My favourite quote comes from that book and it’s a motto that my husband and I live by; “True love is a thoughtful, committed decision.

Q: Tell us about your perfect Sunday?
Lots and lots of sleep!! Nothing new under the sun from a mother I believe 😉 Slight joke aside though, a perfect Sunday involves spending time with family, good food and wine with no particular agenda to steer us. Throw in some masking time in the evening and I’m golden

Q: Which words or phrases do you use most and why?
I have a few depending on what we’re talking about. If it’s about relationships, it’s totally the one I mentioned above because though this may not sound romantic of me, I don’t believe in the thunder and lightning feeling of mad love, or at least I don’t believe it’s long-lasting and there’s more heartbreak for everyone down the road when someone believes that. Life gets ugly and boring at times, it’s inevitable, and remembering that really loving someone is a committed, thoughtful decision is a timely reminder that we choose to do so, no matter how ugly or boring our situation gets. It’s easy to love someone when times are good, the real test is continuing to do so when rough times happen.
When it’s about life in general, I like “this too shall pass” and YOLO! The only constant is change, be it good or bad so “this too shall pass” helps me ride through storms and keeps me feeling grateful for the sunny periods. YOLO is a great reminder to not sweat the small stuff, no one is getting out alive at the end of the day. It can also help get me out of my comfort zone sometimes – if things don’t work out, they don’t work and if they do, well you would never have known if you hadn’t tried.

Q: How do rebound after a tough situation?
Being with my amazing sister and talking things through with her. She really is my best friend, even more so now with having the journey of motherhood in common.


Photography Credits: Anne Sophie Maestracci