Interview with Natsu Koizumi

Natsu Koizumi is a NYC based lifestyle influencer, artist at heart, studied jewelry design, is an gifted photographer, curated and founded the online beauty shop Organic Bee Beauty.  Natsu is originally from Japan and travels back there often enough to capture inspired photography that blends nature with art and fashion. Before moving to NY, she attended school in London, coincidentally we both lived in the same neighborhood and frequented some of the same design shops, galleries and restaurants.  I recently spent a beautiful day in Manhattan with Natsu talking about life, love, travel, fashion, art, the creative process, movies that have changed our perspectives, music and how it all translates to her inspiration for beauty.

Here are a few questions I wanted to know about Natsu

Q 1. You create beautiful photos and combine lovely color schemes in your photography. Where does your inspiration for color come from?

I love to visiting museums and gardens, so nature and art are my biggest inspirations. I recently visited Neue Galerie and Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer. It gave me inspiration, which gave me the inspiration to create a golden look with Modern Minerals eyeshadows.

Q 2. What city is next on your destination list and why?

My next destination will be Stockholm in June, I never been to Scandinavian countries. I love their minimalist yet practical designs!

Q 3. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being happy yourself and make the people around you also happy is the ultimate happiness 🙂

Q 4. What inspired you to create Organic Bee Beauty?

Women spend a lot of money on beauty products every year but often we are not getting what we are paying for. I decided to carry only clean beauty products. Another very important reasons is that animals testing is very cruel and I feel that it is totally unnecessary. I want to offer the best of clean beauty and raise awareness about cruelty-free products. It is my mission and passion.

Q 5. What are 3 things people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a pretty good cook for Japanese food (home style, no Sushi lol), 2. I’m a workout addict (I like to do HIIT training and Boxing workout sometimes), 3. I’m a GIA certified Gemologist.

I am always curious to know what music people who inspire me are listening to when they are in their creative zone. You can hear Natsu’s current playlist from her Spotify link below.