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You probably already know Danielle from her YouTube channel. Danielle is very passionate when it comes to her journey in curating a lifestyle that is completely cruelty-free, clean and vegan. Danielle started her YouTube vlog to share her discoveries and favorite products that align with her ethics. She thoroughly researches and tests everything she uses and shares her findings to inspire others about ethical beauty.  Danielle and I met in New York City at Indie Beauty Expo  but quickly discovered we were both connected to Arizona. Our friendship blossomed quickly as we started to meet up for lunches and coconut ice cream, and sharing about our journey to ethical beauty, health, our favorite products and our love for purple eyeshadows.

For this holiday season, we collaborated with Danielle again and came up with a purple collection that is inspired by GRATITUDE 

Q&A with Danielle

Do you have any special rituals to prepare for fall/winter season?  

I don’t really! I’m not one of those people who decorates their house with the changing seasons or does anything special. I break out my sweaters and jeans and give them a refresh. That’s really it! Sweater weather is my favorite time of year though!

What are you listening to/reading/watching/obsessed with right now?

I recently started the newest released season of The Great British Baking show on Netflix. Castle Rock is a new one I am getting into on Hulu. I’m forever obsessed with The Handmaid’s Tale, Breaking Bad, and Top Chef. I’m always re-watching those shows when I run out of things to watch. Reading is a bit harder. I have read one book total in the last three years. Hoping to be able to change that soon!

Foods/recipes, beauty/health related changes you are looking forward to for the new season?

Definitely SOUP! During the summer, it’s way too hot to boil a pot of soup for hours so I save my soups for fall and winter. I can’t wait to make more soups this winter. I have a ton of recipes I have been wanting to make saved up. Roasted tomato soup, spicy lentil soup, so many!

Beauty wise, I am excited to use my balms more. With how hot it gets in Arizona during the summer, my balms mostly go unused. But in the winter they get lots of love.

Favorite fall color themes? Colors you like to wear?

I love purples all year round, but especially in the fall and winter. Purple smokey eyes are my jam, which my shade Inspire is PERFECT for. When you smoke out the edges, it changes the color ever so slightly so it looks like you are wearing more than one different shade. If you love purples as much as I do, you are going to be SO excited for our next collab that’s all purple inspired!

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Danielle @CruelFreeVeganBeauty

Danielle is a vegan, non toxic, cruelty free skincare and makeup enthusiast! Providing information on natural and vegan products is a huge passion of hers and she is forever grateful to be able to get to share that with so many wonderful people!

Youtube: @CFVeganBeauty