Meet Ta Ming, IWD 2019, Pink Moon Pop-Up

Q&A with Ta Ming Chen, editorial makeup artist and beauty expert Ta Ming (upper left corner) is a NYC based makeup artist, clean beauty advocate, Buddhist philosophy practitioner, and someone we truly admire. Read below to get to know her, and if you are in NYC, you’ll get a chance to meet her this Saturday at the PINK MOON pop-up, more details below.  


Photos courtesy of @tamingchen


1. What’s your definition of beauty?

I believe true beauty comes from within. It is a combined expression of confidence, joy, and compassion. For example, when I see someone who is confident, full of joy, has a big heart, and always wants to lift others up and is not insecure about other people’s success…that is beautiful.

Makeup, hair and fashion style are different art tools of beauty that help to enhance each person’s inner beauty.

2) How did you get started in the clean beauty industry?

Through a good friend of mine a few years ago, who is very passionate about clean beauty, I started to get more aware of the clean beauty industry and began to explore different brands and their founding stories. Afterward, I started going to and engaging in different green beauty events. Through meeting people in the industry and reaching out to different brands, I started this journey with an intention to support clean beauty brands to better women’s health and the environment we are living in.

3) Who/what are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration come from daily life. It could be a beautiful painting on the wall from a friend’s apartment, those colorful carpets from abc carpet store, or from nature – especially when the season is changing.

I believe the more we explore and see different things, the more our mind absorbs these different things: inspiration is the accumulation of those things you see in your mind. Depending on the concept of each project, I naturally sense and have a flow of ideas/inspiration that come to me while I am creating my art. During each moment, the inspiration flow continues. Sometimes you never know how it ends up looking like. It is like life itself, full of unexpected outcomes.

4) What’s your favorite MO MI product and why?

I love MO MI’s texture mist. Not only because it is so easy and effective for hair styling, but It also smells really good!

5) What’s one time-saving tip for makeup and hair you would like to share with us?

Very often I would use the same product for cheeks and lip.

Use one hair product (like the texture mist) to give hair more texture, volume and reduce frizziness.

6) How do you use the MO MI Hydrating Mist?

I use it to hydrate the hair at the end of the hair styling session, I use to spritz my face to feel refreshed when I am tired, or just simply spritz to hydrate my face throughout the day when I feel my skin is dry.


International Women’s Day Makeup Sale

Photo courtesy of @anjiecho


In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD), we are celebrating by offering 50% off all MAKEUP – use code “HIWD2019” at checkout starting this Friday, March 8 through Saturday, March 9  Stock up and help empower women, children and their pets via Urban Resource Institute. We think this organization is making strides. They are the first program of its kind in New York City, and a pioneer in the nation – we hope this spreads worldwide! With your purchase, we making donations to URI.

Urban Resource Institute (URI) provides life-saving, empowering social services for New Yorkers who are suffering and recovering from domestic violence. For 38 years, URI has been innovating and developing new programs to improve the lives of vulnerable New Yorkers, with a particular focus on survivors of domestic violence. We help individuals and families escape abuse; safely heal; and gain the resources needed to live healthy, independent lives. We also are the only organization in New York City and one of the few nationally that extends these services to pets.

Another reason why we are so passionately excited about this shelter is that they are pet friendly.

Pets are the hidden victim in domestic violence

Trauma doesn’t discriminate against species and pets experience domestic violence in similar ways to people. Pets are often used as leverage to further threaten, harm, or control victims. In some cases may intervene, leading them to become a direct target of an abuser.

Escaping domestic violence along with your pet is not only for their protection. Studies show that the presence of pets is important for the well-being of people who are sick or under stress, and can promote healing. Other research suggests that pets can help reduce blood pressure and fatigue in people, and can increase the presence of feel-good hormones that create feelings of calm.

PALS (People and Animals Living Safely) was established in 2013 to provide co-living options for families and their pets.

It is the first program of its kind in New York City, and a pioneer in the nation.

The goal of the PALS program is to bring joy and comfort to children, individuals, and families seeking refuge at URI shelters by keeping families and their pets together. URI currently offers 66 units of domestic violence shelter across five residences that allow families and pets to live and heal together in the same apartment.

To date, they have welcomed 92 families (153 children) and 130 pets of all kinds – cats, dogs, turtles, birds, reptiles – into the refuge of their residences.

Not only does PALS provide a safe environment for both survivors and pets, but the program also taps into the therapeutic value of pets in improving human health and healing.EVEN IF YOU DON’T SHOP OUR SALE, please help us spread the word about this shelter ???? Your support MATTERS!

Please visit their website to learn more


A NYC pop-up & hair styling tutorials with Ta Ming!

You are invited to come try our organic + vegan hair styling products at Just Like Om this Saturday, March 9! Join us to celebrate the anniversary of Just Like Om, a yoga / pilates studio in NYC. Discover and shop clean post-workout self-care essentials, including our hair styling products, curated by PINK MOON. Ta Ming will show you how to get your hair ready for the office after a workout.

For more details and to RSVP, click here.