Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it really begins from within

Optimal health requires mind, body and spirit be simultaneously nurtured.

~ Sarah Clark

When I first met Sarah in Hong Kong, she was already embarking on her journey towards mindfulness and health. Together we went on an incredible eco adventure in the Philippines with a lot of hiking, boating and swimming in the most amazing lagoons. One of my favorite things about traveling with Sarah was how she seamlessly finds ways to eat healthy while in new places. She is now registered in Canada as a Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. While Sarah maintains permanent residency in Hong Kong, she spends much of her time in Vancouver, Canada and in Bali.  Find out more about some of the ways she stays healthy, hydrated and mindful while on the go.

Q: What do you do when you are traveling and can’t find organic foods?

I either soak produce in an apple cider vinegar / water solution, or I throw some raw greens’ powders in to smoothies.

Q: How do you keep your skin hydrated, from the inside out?

Lots of spring water and lots of good quality salt, fresh coconuts, healthy fats at every meal, and avoiding too much sun.

Modern Minerals Eyeshadow
Photo by Jenna Wiebe

Q: What types of foods do you eat when you travel?

I stick to locally grown foods as much as possible, for many reasons, but from a nutrition stand-point, for optimal nutrient density and to introduce my gut flora to the bacteria in the local soil… this helps us to acclimatize easier and tolerate any unfamiliar bacteria.  When I travel to Australia, for example, I indulge in their beautiful organically grown olives, macadamia nuts, and almonds. But, if I’m home in Vancouver, I indulge in local greens and wild salmon.

Q: How do you find inspiration for creating recipes?

When I am hungry at the end of a yoga class, my mind wanders into deliciousness!

I love a really nutty, savoury smoothie rather than a fruity, or sweet one. This recipe is something I developed using local spirulina from the shores of west Bali. Spirulina can easily be found in powder form, but the richness of fresh spirulina is so creamy and delicious. Spirulina is a real superfood in that it’s extremely high in bioavailable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Zinc and vitamin A work synergistically together to restore tissues…this is great for inflamed tissues like our intestinal lining and our skin!  Healthy, young looking skin has the innate ability to restore itself – a wonderful process enhanced by nutrient dense foods as we age.

Spirulina Powered Smoothie

250 ml milk of choice
1 tsp Spirulina
1 sliced, frozen unripe banana
1 date
1 tbsp raw cacao
1/2 avocado
a few sprigs of mint, to desired taste
a pinch of salt to desired taste
add water or ice to preferred consistency / temperature

I love to use fresh coconut milk for it’s high vitamin and mineral content and lack of oxalic acid (found in nuts). Coconut fat is mainly saturated fat, a necessary daily requirement for healthy cells, healthy tissues and healthy brains! I use frozen, unripe bananas for their resistant starch which feeds our gut bacteria allowing them to thrive. Raw cacao adds a chocolate flavour but also lots of minerals and antioxidants necessary for hair, skin and nail health. Half an avocado adds a creamy texture and additional monounsaturated fats which support the health of our hormones keeping our endocrine system in balance. Most acne is a result of hormone surges or imbalances and getting the right fats from the right foods can keep unwanted pimples at bay. I’ve thrown a date in just to balance out the savoriness and potential bitterness of the cacao. Plus, in Ayurveda dates are a balancer known to support healthy skin and hair!

To learn more about Sarah and her practice, visit her website HERE