Restore Candle


Restore /rəˈstôr/ To bring something back into existence

We believe in the importance of space and how it's connected to wellbeing. Improving one's space happens on more than one level. We believe it is about creating a space where you feel relaxed, comfortable, organized and at peace.

CANDLES: An enticement to enjoy the pleasures of scent. Lavish your home -- and yourself -- with our collection of luxe coconut and apricot wax blend candles, while enjoying the simple yet sacred ritual of lighting a candle.

Restore your space with a blend of juicy citrus and vanilla to create a home sanctuary where you can restore your senses and feel cosy at home.

Packaged in sleek matte aluminum vessel with lid for to keep your candle clean and help to preserve the scent. Reuse your candle container to store of hair elastics, bobby pins and more.

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