15 trendy (and low-maintenance!) beauty products​​ that make sheltering in place a little more bearable​

by Jenny Altman

The beauty trends of 2021 are reflective of a year spent mostly at home. With a focus on health and wellness, trends are all about good skin and minimal makeup.

It makes us happy to see that what's on trend is actually what we're able to accomplish without spending a lot of money—we don't even have to leave the house to reach our #beautygoals this year. It's so much more about simplicity and quality ingredients. And we're here for that.

The most important beauty trend right now? Glowing skin. Call it skinimalism if you want, or just call it a healthful glow. Skincare ingredients are served up straight from mother nature with dewey vitamin C, aloe and ceramides for brighter skin and vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for moisture. And since your skin will be looking so fab, no need to cover it up. Makeup gets boiled down to a one-and-done multi-stick. With a little gloss. And you'll need serious brows, of course. For online and soon-to-be in person meetings, strong eyelashes and brows mean you are ready for the day.

These 15 trendy beauty products for 2021 are all easy to do at home and on the reg. Even busy mamas can dab on a little eye cream and brow gel between all. That. Laundry.


Split ends? Not here. It's called hair serum. Moisturizing neroli, basil and hinoki help to nourish strands and even restore split ends that show up between less frequent haircuts (raises hand). Use any extra on nails and cuticles so that none of this good stuff goes to waste.