Why Frizz happens and ways to avoid it

Damaged or dry hair is usually what creates hair to frizz. When the hair cuticle (the outer layer of the strand) is dry, it allows for moisture to enter the strand and poof it up and create frizz.  When the hair cuticle is hydrated, it is flat and smooth. 

There are a few easy ways to maintain smoother strands through the summer heat and humidity:

1. Conditioning is key. We all know this already... So let's talk about how to condition our hair without weighing it down, feeling heavy or greasy. 

  • Treat your hair to a treatment. Use a hydrating oil based serum before you shampoo to get a surge of hydration. Watch our how-to video HERE
  • Apply conditioner from the mid-shafts down only
  • Try co-washing, use a hydrating cream shampoo to ensure you don't overly strip away natural oils and try a Leave In Conditioner to coat your strands.

2. Keep your ends trimmed. Split ends also continue to split and make hair look more damaged and frizzy from the bottom up.

3. Look for alcohol-free or low content alcohol hair care products. Alcohol can further dehydrate hair strands (and scalp). Choose hydrating products that help hair absorb moisture and create a protective layer that coats the hair strand.

4. Reduce friction

  • Choose a gentle towel that absorbs water. We've got gentle ones in 2 sizes!  
  • Be gentle, blott your hair, rather than wringing the water out. You don't need a big bath towel for this. Gentle on hair and absorbent is key.
  • Choose a pillow case that is smooth and avoids hair friction while you sleep