More goodness... for your nails and cuticles

You may have tried our Protect + Nourish Serum for your hair, but have you tried this for your nails? Its amazing and here are our top 3 ways to begin an easy daily nail care ritual:

1. Start your day with a Mindful Morning:

Awaken and apply. Before heading to the bathroom to begin your beauty routine, add a drop serum on to dry nails. This will lock in the power packed hydrating oils.

2. Take a Midday Pause:

Take a moment to get present with your body as you drop on a layer of serum. A nice way to squeeze a little TLC into your everyday.

3. We all need an Evening Unwind:

Prepare your nails to hydrate while you sleep. Breathe out and leave your day behind you as you drop on another layer as the last step in your night-time beauty ritual. Give your nails need their dose of nightly nourishment!

I use this as an everyday self-care ritual that keeps cuticles hydrated, nourishes the nail matrix (with or without polish on), and fortifies your natural nails with a daily dose of antioxidant and vitamin packed hydration.

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