What you need to know about co-washing

Co-washing, also known as "conditioner washing", is an alternative method for cleansing your hair while avoiding the harshness of cleansing shampoos. A co-wash product is, essentially, a cleansing conditioner that you apply in place of shampoo. Regardless of your hair type, be it straight, wavy. curly or color-treated, chances are you will benefit from co-washing.

When To Co-Wash

Have you ever noticed how second day hair feels more manageable than freshly washed hair? The reason is because "day old" hair has more natural oils than just washed hair. And using a co-wash product gives you that feeling every time you lather up with it! So we recommend using a co-wash whenever you would normally wash your hair. Whether you’re someone with an oily scalp who suds up daily or you tend to wash your tresses just once a week, you can replace your normal shampoo with a co-wash, and then use your usual conditioner after.

Our co-wash cleansing conditioner is even light enough for straight to wavy hair types to use, while still offering the hydrating properties that curly and coily hair types need. When the conditioning ingredients in a co-wash product are combined with water, they gently remove dirt and debris. The end result is hair that is clean but not dried out, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients in the product.

How To Co-Wash

It takes just three easy steps to get maximum benefit from our co-wash:

1. Soak your strands thoroughly. Water will help loosen dirt and debris, making it easier for the product to be rinsed out. Plus you can more easily spread the product throughout your hair when it’s wet.

2. Apply a desired amount to wet palms and gently massage the co-wash into your scalp and hair. You can continue massaging your scalp while you wait. After all, who doesn’t love a scalp massage?

3. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing, and voila!