Our Tips for Staying Grounded and Glowing While Traveling

Let’s face it. As great as traveling is, it sure has a way of throwing things off balance, including your glow. We’ve all been there: feeling parched (and skin-dehydrated) on the plane, forgetting our iPhone chargers, messing up our sleep cycles, losing the desire to exercise, and subsequently throwing our 2018 resolutions directly out the window.

This isn’t to say we don’t love traveling – we sure do! – but just like everything else in life, it comes with some downsides. Luckily for you, we’ve got wonderful tips for how to be beautiful in-transit and stay grounded and glowing while you’re on the go!

Pack Smart: Here’s How to Pack Carry-on Only

One of the most uncomfortable parts of traveling is the lugging of the bags. When travel-excitement is high, you may not notice how heavy your suitcase actually is and how truly challenging it will be to stuff it into the overhead compartment.

But, after traveling around North America and internationally undergoing product research and visiting with vendors, the Modern Minerals team has started to see how truly amazing traveling with just a carry-on is.

Here are the questions to ask yourself to ensure you pack smart next time:

  • Is what I’ve packed in my suitcase things I would normally wear, climate permitting? If no, remove. You won’t suddenly love un-loved items because you’re somewhere new.
  • Is every item I’ve packed versatile and easy to repurpose? If no, remove. It’s just not worth packing a one-use item.
  • Have I planned my outfits according to the weather forecast? If no, pull out the weather app stat!
  • Do I really need 5 pairs of shoes? Stick to 2 pairs in your suitcase, maximum, and make use of your on-board ensemble.

Not convinced? Here is just a small list of benefits to going carry-on only on your next trip:

  • It’s economical. With most airlines, you won’t have to pay a fee.
  • It’s quicker. You won’t have to wait an additional 15-50 minutes at the carousel.
  • It’s worry-free. There’s not even a slight chance your bag goes missing!
  • It’s just lighter. And, last but not least, your body will thank you.

Think Ahead: In-Flight Essentials!

Do incorporate your in-flight outfit into your later travel wardrobe, but also apply the same strategy to your in-flight essentials: be sure that what you have in your handbag serves you both on and off-flight.

These are the top products to attain your traveling glow:

  • A great hydrating mist, for your in-flight and keeping your skin feeling Dewey and hydrated.  This brand new Mist is perfect for hair, face and body and for a limited time is offered in a travel-luxe 1 oz size.
  • At least one lip gloss that both moisturizes, adds hue to the lip not to mention some emotive goodness. We recommend our very own floral blend Floral Blend Emotive Lip Gloss which offers a special blend following Lotus Wei’s formula, and magnifies love, inner strength, compassion, and living in the present moment. Perfect for those awestruck travel times.
  • An easy hair fix especially for a long flight that might require a nap while in transit. Our Dry Shampoo is comes in perfect little travel savvy size with an easy twist top cap.  Sprinkle a little amount in your brush and refresh your hair before you exit the plane.  Don’t forget to check out our new videos for how to use while on the go.
  • A structured travel case to keep all of your beauty products safe, secured & organized.


Travelling and vacationing are two entirely different things, and sometimes, being a tourist is simply exhausting.

To remain zen during the entirety of your trip, make time for:

  • Meditation
      • It’s hard to carve out the time for meditation while travelling. To make it easier, set your alarm clock earlier than your travel companions and meditate in the hotel lobby with a coffee or do a guided meditation with headphones while you’re on the metro or in a cab.
  • Yoga
    • Start your day with a few heart-opening sun salutations sequences. This yoga move is easy to do, doesn’t require much space, and will definitely get your day started off right.
  • Practicing gratitude
    • An effective way to practice gratitude is to remember the simple moments. At the end of your day, or the beginning of the next, journal about a moment you experienced during your travels that you are grateful for. Try to remember every little detail, write it all down, and let the gratitude fill you up. Better yet, take a pocket-sized notebook with you on your tours and jot down the good stuff.

We all want to remain grounded and glowing on-the-go, and with these tips, we really feel like it’s possible! What else do you like to do to stay feeling and looking beautiful while traveling? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a fabulously glowing trip.