Beauty in Transit

Mo Mi Beauty in Transit Lin

Hi from NYC! I am Lin, and I am an entrepreneur and am always on the go. This past year, I have been travelling every month – from Toronto to Los Angeles to Taipei, Costa Rica, Cuba, Bermuda, Boston, and Sag Harbor. It’s fun to travel and explore new places, but travelling can also be stressful especially when choosing what to pack and what to leave behind at home. Thankfully, the mini travel luxe Mo Mi products saved my hair (and sanity), and the super convenient rose gold travel case protected my glass skincare products and made packing easier.

Below, I will talk about why each Mo Mi product is part of my travel essential kit and how each product worked for the various trips I’ve taken them on this past year.

Mo Mi Beauty Lin in Bermuda

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is an essential for jetsetters, and particularly, Mo Mi’s Dry Shampoo smells amazing, uplifts my mood, and keeps my hair fresh. One ‘poof’ of this gorgeous blush rose powder instantly absorbs oil, gives hair volume and lift, and makes you look put together… after a stressful long plane ride or after a full day of business meetings. This Dry Shampoo came in handy in Costa Rica when I didn’t really have time to wash my hair because I was busy adventuring through the rainforest. I also used it in Bermuda when I didn’t have much time to fully wash my hair after spending an afternoon at the beach / before my dinner reservation. To use, I sprinkle a little powder onto my roots and work the powder in with my fingers. I have dark brown hair, and this powder does not leave any mess like most other dry shampoos do!


Texture Mist

Mo Mi’s non-sticky sea salt hair mist makes my hair look AH-MAZING. I seriously cannot live without this spray, and I bring it everywhere with me including keeping a full size bottle of it at my boyfriend’s. This mist came along pretty much all my trips because it tames frizz, texturizes my hair, accentuates my highlights, adds a nice scent to day-two hair, and just helps me have a good hair day. In Costa Rica and Cuba, the Texture Mist prevented my thick frizz-prone hair from turning into a lion’s mane. In Taiwan, I combined the mist with the Styling Jelly to keep my curls intact. This mist does everything you ever wished a sea salt mist would do! To use, I spray the Texture Mist on towel-dried hair and let it do its magic while my hair air dries. I also sometimes spray on dry hair and use my fingers to twirl 1-inch strands of hair and then scrunch with my hand to create texture and volume.


Hydrating Mist

I love the Lotus Wei Korean Pink Lotus + Rose Quartz blend that was created for Mo Mi so much that I spray my apartment and linens before sleeping with this Hydrating Mist. It’s a versatile mist that you can spray onto your hair, body and face. It does more than just hydrating – the scent sends me to my happy place and helps me relax, which is why I spray it on my linens. The calming scent lulls me into a blissful sleep. Additionally, the Hydrating Mist tames my frizzy hair in humid and dry climates, refreshes my makeup throughout the day, and preps my skin post-shower for a body oil or body butter. I particularly spray the mist on the plane when I’m about to take a nap and before I get off the plane to refresh my face and hair.

Styling Jelly

The scent of Mo Mi’s Styling Jelly is so intoxicating and addicting. A writer recently noted that the scent reminds her of “old boyfriends’ sweaters”, and I totally agree! The scent is not only nostalgic but it also is calming, like the rest of the Mo Mi line. The product itself is also amazing. It’s the best hairspray alternative and keeps my hairstyle intact, even in the most humid hot climates (like in Taiwan, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Bermuda). To use, I dose one pump of the Styling Jelly into my palm and work it through my hair from mid-shaft to ends. Then, I take my curling wand and create loose waves. After styling, I take two pumps of the product to gently finger brush through my curled hair.

Mo Mi Beauty - Costa Rica